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  • Home Inn (New Convention & Exhibition Center Metro Station)

    At Wuguojie, Mid Sect. of Yunhua Rd., 2nd Tianfu St., Gaoxin District (next to Tranvic Building)

  • Shuhuai Inn (New Convention & Exhibition Center Shudu)

    At Shudu Center, 2nd Tianfu St., Mid Sect.,Tianfu Ave.,Gaoxin District (next to New Convention & Exhibition Center)

  • Chengdu Happy e-home Inn (New Convention & Exhibition Center)

    Swan Lake Apartment, No. 117, Mid Sect., Tianfu Ave., Gaoxin District

  • Chengdu New Convention & Exhibition Center Like Express Inn

    3rd Floor, Block 25, Swan Lake Apartment, No. 117, Mid Sect.,Tianfu Ave.,Gaoxin District

  • Chengdu ABC Hotel (New Convention & Exhibition Center)

    Swan Lake Apartment,No. 117,Mid Sect.,Tianfu Ave., Gaoxin District

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